Dry Cleaning

Sketchley Cleaners Dry CleaningBefore a garment is dry cleaned it is first inspected and treated for stains. This is referred to as spotting. This procedure is done to remove and or loosen stains before the garments are cleaned.

The next step is for the garments to be loaded into a dry cleaning machine.  A dry cleaning machine is a motor driven washer / extractor / dryer that holds the garments in a rotating stainless-steel basket. The basket is filled with a cleaning solution while the basket rotates the garments thru the cleaning solution gently tumbling them against the basket.  Once the cleaning cycle is complete the machine drains and rapidly spins the clothes to expel the cleaning solution and dirt from the garments. Lastly, it goes into the drying cycle by circulating warm air through the garments, this deodorizes and ensures that the garments are completely dry.

  • HouseholdSpring clean

    Keep your boots
    looking new
    and fresh.
    Restore any
    type of feather
    pillow to nearly
    new condition